Fermin~a local Mexican man’s unique fashion


Speed walking through Penjamo, Guanajuato trying to catch the last Convi, through the corner of my eye I see something…what?! , you ask…Sr. Fermin! Those flashy green boots drew me in and then as I my eyes moved upwards, WHOA…what the look!

Fermin is a deaf, mute and everyone in the town knows him.  He has quite a bit of money due to a nice inheritance, and that inheritance goes to the awesome cause of that flashy gear bringing a smile to every one that passes him.  Everyday he has a different look…from cholo to tuxedo and everything in between.  Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me on new year’s eve.  Forget fireworks or time square celebration…Fermin was the show! His glasses lighting up and glitter everywhere.

After taking this picture, every time Fermin sees me he strikes a pose for his next shoot! What a great guy!

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