To Market to Market to Buy a … Well, Anything You Would Want


Mexican markets! A plethora of colorful images flow through my head as I ponder the countless markets I have visited across Mexico over the years. Every city and even most small towns have somewhere in their boundaries a meeting point where vendors and consumers converge to create a mini-economy rooted in Pre-Hispanic tradition. Long before the Spaniards conquered the New World, indigenous societies had already established concepts such as trading and markets. Although supermarkets, including names such as Wal-Mart, dot the Mexican landscape, the market tradition continues to thrive. It is a place to socialize- eh hem- gossip, eat, obtain the daily news, pass time and of course  buy.  And what do you buy?  ANYTHING !!!  Not only would one stop by a market to buy the obvious household needs such as meat and produce; but one would go to the market to buy almost anything that you can and CANNOT find anywhere else. Shoe repair, pirated DVD’s, jewelry, clothing, hardware, cookware, parts for small appliances, agricultural needs, toys, religious items and the list continues. A local market is a must-do on a visit to any Mexican town or city. The lively, bustling market is a treat for the senses- the aromas of the freshly picked fruit, the sounds of the locals’ chatter, the sights of beautifully stacked produce, the touch of handmade cookware, the tastes of the local delicacies! A market trip is one of the most stimulating experiences in Mexico.

Enjoy some market photos from around this great land!

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