A Frida Fan Must

In Mexico City tucked in the community of Coyoacán is the Casa Azul.  The Casa Azul is now a museum of Frida Khalo’s art work and life.  This is the home where Frida and Diego Rivera once lived in Mexico.  If you aren’t familiar with Frida Khalo (even though I am sure you have seen her art), take a moment to look her biography up or to watch the movie Frida staring Salma Hayek.  I am sure you will instantly be hooked on Frida.  Frida had quite a life…from her macho attitude in a Mexico where women were not to swear, curse, or drink; teaching herself to paint while bed stricken and using her body cast as a canvas;  to hosting Leon Trotsky at her home and providing him shelter; her forgiving attitude with her twice husband Diego Rivera, even her funeral procession was unique.    Frida’s artwork was ground breaking, and still to this day continues to cause great discussion.  Surrealism is portrayed beautifully through her paintings of suffering, pain, happiness, and overall life.  ¡Viva La Vida y Qué Viva Frida!


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