The Many Versions of Gorditas

In México there is a bread-ish like food; they are called “gorditas”(the little fatties).  There are SO MANY versions of gorditas…gorditas for mini-sandwiches, sweet gorditas, corn gorditas, piloncillo(brown sugar) gorditas, gorditas de nata(clotted cream).  Trying to find a recipe for gorditas is a bit tricky because everyone has their own version, twist, secret ingredient, etc.

Every time I go to México to visit, it has become tradition to make gorditas (usually corn or wheat) before I come back to the states, and YES, I do travel with a suitcase full of gordiats.  Passing through customs the first time with a suitcase full of gorditas and a police dog waiting at the end of the hallway was a bit intimidating…don’t worry, the gorditas and I made it just fine!

The tradition was started by my aunt by marriage, Juana, who is the lead baker.  She has no set recipe…she just wings it.  Her usual batter includes wheat flour, corn flour, egg, baking soda, milk, sugar, and water (if nata is available, she will use that).  She has a hand-crafted oven built by her husband that is outside the house.  The sweet gorditas are baked.  Her gorditas always have a wonderful rustic taste.  Sometimes I add butter, honey, or jam…but they really don’t need any thing because they are just that good.

 When I make gorditas for sandwiches, all I use is water, maizena (cornflour) and just for kicks maybe some garlic powder or powdered/crushed herb.  Gorditas for sandwiches are not baked, rather toasted both sides on a comal (flat pan), then carefully opened like a bun, then fried until slightly crispy…after frying I dab the extra grease off and stuff them with meat(usually chorizo or arachera steak) and beans; then they are topped with lettuce or cabbage, onion, cheese, and salsa.

Enjoy the pics of Juana (in the red cap),  and the sights of those good looking gorditas ( the food, not the bakers 🙂 )!


12 thoughts on “The Many Versions of Gorditas

  1. Excellent post, I will soon post “gordita’s recipe”
    where I come from gorditas are very famous, don’t know if you had heard about “las gorditas Laguneras” the most famous are: gorditas de Maiz, gorditas de harina (flour), gorditas de horno (oven bake), gorditas fritas (fried), gorditas al carbon (on the grill) This confirm what you said, looking for a gordita recipe is tricky, but all of them are delicious!!! Gracias 😉

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