The Ubiquitous Super Bowl Guacamole

Among the cheers and chants with the touchdowns and passes, thousands of pounds of guacamole will be consumed this Super Bowl Sunday. However, to the gridiron enthusiasts, thought is usually not placed in the ancient history that they are consuming.

Avocadoes have long been consumed in what is now Mexico and Central America. The word comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) language as ahuacatl and guacamole itself had a word, ahuacamolli. Long before the Spaniards stepped foot into the New World and the Super Bowl lit up TVs across the world, versions of this ancient dish were consumed by the indigenous people.


Just as many recipes can be found as fans of this delicious treat. Obviously, the avocado is the star ingredient and recipes spread out from there.  While you may already have your recipe ready here are a few tips and variations to consider:

  1. Instead of using cilantro, try epazote. It can be found in Latin markets and has a unique flavor.
  2. Try topping the guacamole with a Mexican cotija cheese (Parmesan would work as well.).
  3. Another zesty topping is julienned or finely chopped radishes.
  4. Healthier option than chips?  Try thin slices of Jicama.  Also, you could bake corn tortillas.
  5. If making ahead, keep the pit inside the guacamole, squeeze lime juice atop it and press plastic wrap down on top of it and try to remove air bubbles.



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