Safety Regulations…not so much

Unlike the United States where a class A Felony (maybe) would be filed against  parents for driving with their toddler not in a car seat….México would view it as normal, maybe a lack of money to buy a car seat situation.   I remember walking with my husband and seeing a man selling hammocks on the street in Pénjamo, Guanajuato.  There was a small hammock, and I said to my husband, “Let’s get this one for a fruit basket in the kitchen.” He laughed and replied, “Nettie, this is a hammock for a baby.”  Now where in the U.S. would THAT be allowed?

W/O Regulations

In this picture, my brother-in-law, Ezekiel, lent himself as an example at the Purgatory Museum in Guanajuato City to demonstrate how the torture contraption from the Spanish Inquisition would work.  Please take note as to how the chain with the GIANT AX blade is attached.  No nuts, no bolts! …just loopy dooped around the wood beam! And this is what we refer to as an “only-in-México” experience!


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