La Reliquia

La Reliquia (means relic in English) is a tradition that is celebrated in México.  Some Reliquias are for La Virgin de Guadalupe others for la Navidad or even saints.  I experienced la Reliquia Navideña (The Christmas Relic).  Reliquia Navideña is celebrated at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve.  Like Catholics in the United States, Mexicans also wait until midnight to place the baby Jesus in the manger in the nativity scene.  So at midnight, families go to homes with whom they are familiar, enter, and KISS the baby Jesus in the nativity scene.  After recognizing baby Jesus with a kiss, the “host”/home owners give a little treasure to those who stop by; for example, candy, baked goods, etc.  Most often parents take their children on La Reliquia, and the kids come back with bags of candy.  Mexican Nativity


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