Pozole is worth not having fingernails

Closer to Pozole

Pozole is a popular stew in México.  There is white pozole, red sauce pozole, green sauce pozole, pozole with fish, shrimp, chicken or  pork (the most common)…pozole can be made so many different ways; however, there is ONE ingredient that is never missing, hominy!  El grano de maiz/hominy is laboriously soaked in lime (or cal in Spanish), boiled for hours, cleaned, and then the most time consuming task of taking the tips of the hominy off so they open when added back into the pozole.  From what I understand, a good pozole is when the hominy opens like a flower.

I make pozole twice a year,once at Christmas time (a staple for la Navidad in México) and when my husband puts in his special request.  The main reason I don’t cook it more is because I don’t have fingernails left after working with the hominy for hours pealing each kernel by hand. I tell my husband that cooking pozole is a labor of love.

The picture features corn from my father-in-law’s field.  My mother-in-law would move the wheel barrel and sacks of corn with the sun everyday until the kernels had dried.  After a few days, she was able to make a GIANT pot of pozole.  Nothing beats home-cooked, from scratch pozole.


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