Maiz: farmed the old fashion way

My husband, Ramiro, is from a farm town in Guanajuato.  His family farms corn, wheat, and sorghum.  This picture shows how farmers still use an old technique for harvesting.  Even though there is modern farm equipment, YES, John Deere is present all the way in México….some people prefer or choose what I call as the “old fashion farming” way.  As the corn is getting closer to harvest time, the farmers cut the stalks at the bottom, gather many stalks up, and they form a bundle of corn stalks.  The stalks are left there for days, sometimes weeks, until the corn cob is dry.  The bundle is then unbound, and the farmers simply pick the ears of corn.  The dry corn is used for all kids of things…delicious tortillas, pozole, feed for animals, etc.

There is something to be said about the beauty of nature and the beauty of the harvest process!



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